Branch Questionnaire, 2013

In September we sent questionnaires to all of the members living in ME1 - ME9 postcode areas. 
Of the 160 which were sent out 111 were returned, making a 69% response. 
Excellent, thank you to all who replied.

Q  How long have you been a member of KFHS?
A  10+ years - 50,  6-10 years - 30, 1-5 years - 28,  less than 1 year - 3.

Q  Do you have single or joint membership?
A  78 single, 28 joint, 5 no reply

Q  Please state first part of your postcode
A  Postcode    No sent    Replies    Percentage response
    ME1            21            18             86%
    ME2            30            25             83%
    ME3             7              6              86%
    ME4             7              4              57%
    ME5           27            16              59%
    ME6            4               1              25%
    ME7          14               7              50%
    ME8          38             29             76%
    ME9          12               5             42%
    Not stated                    1

Q  Why did you join KFHS?
94 hoped to get assistance with their research
    57  wanted to attend talks
    50  to meet other researchers
    16 to obtain discount on CDs
    10 to assist with transcription work
    1 hoped an expert could be available to give advice
    1 to learn about history of Medway Towns and its people
    1 to be a KFHS volunteer at MALSC

Q  Do you attend meetings?
A  49  attend as many as they can
    41  have never been to a meeting
    16  can no longer attend

TIming of meetings
A  55 want weekday afternoons to continue     
    11 would like weekday evenings
    9 would like Saturday afternoons
    12 liked the suggestion of summer evenings and winter afternoons
    21 had no preference

Q  Would you prefer meetings at Frindsbury Parish Hall or Strood Library?
22 Strood
    24 Frindsbury
    48 no preference
    5 another venue.

Have you been on a coach trip to Kew?
A  37 members go on some trips
    14 said date/time inconvenient
    5 have never been to Kew
    14 would go if there was someone to ‘show them the ropes’
    8 would go on a Saturday trip
    14 think most records are on-line
    1 member thinks the trips are too expensive
    1 member would like more coach trips

Q  Do you use the Branch website?
A  30 have used it for details of meetings and coach trips
    30 have used it for reference material
    27 were unaware that we have a website
    5 found it unhelpful
    Many members did not answer this question.

Q  Did you attend the transcription afternoon in January?
10 attended of whom 8 enjoyed it and would like it repeated
    60 could not attend
    14 members are interested in transcription work

Q  Would you be interested in Social events?
A  63 would be interested - depending on what was offered
    38 would not be interested

We also received a lot of useful comments and suggestions which were discussed fully by the committtee and feedback was given at the January 2013 Branch meeting.  Thank you to everyone who contributed.