Medway Branch News

For about ten years some members of the Branch have been working as volunteers on two major projects; indexing all the old birth marriage and death registers held at Medway Register Office and transcribing the burial registers for Medway cemeteries which are held at the crematorium.  The Register Office project is now fully completed as are the burials although the cremation records are still being worked on.

To acknowledge the work, volunteers, and partners, were invited to an afternoon tea in October 2015 attended by Cllr Rupert Turpin portfolio holder for Registrations and Bereavement Services, which was laid on at the Register Office in the marriage room.  Superintendent Registrar James Brown presented each of the volunteers with a fountain pen and a certificate making them Honorary Deputy Superintendent Registrars or Honorary Cemetery Registrars.  


Standing: Jean Skilling, Sup Registrar James Brown, Graham Giles, Syd Fox, Tony Clark, Pat Harlow, Peter Chissell, Terry Paternoster, Cllr Rupert Turpin, Gillian Stansfield, Mr Stansfield, Joyce New, Ken New,
Sitting: Margaret Lester, Hilary Blanford, Brenda Paternoster, Brenda Burchell.